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UMGC Alumni AssociationCommunity Connect

Make a new, real-world connection today through the UMGC Community Connect program.

This program matches UMGC alumni and industry professionals with students and alumni seeking career guidance and mentorship. With the online profile-matching system and guidance tools, we can help you start a valuable and rewarding mentor relationship that puts professional success front and center.

There are two ways to connect with UMGC students, alumni, and industry professionals for career guidance, networking, and mentorship.

  • Quick Connect - Quickly filter through profiles of participating students, alumni, faculty, and staff to request a brief informational interview or send a short message to leverage the UMGC community for career guidance can join via the Quick Connect option.
  • Extended Connect - Students and alumni interested in a longer-term mentor connection that may last from weeks-to-months can join via the Extended Connect option. 

Why Join?

Meet a Career Mentor

  • Grow your network, and make a connection in your profession
  • Learn insider information about your field
  • Strengthen your interpersonal skills for improved interviewing
  • Discover emerging trends that affect your job search
  • Explore the day-to-day nature of your next job
  • Develop a supportive relationship for coaching along the way

Become a Career Mentor

  • Meet up-and-coming talent while expanding your network
  • Share your expertise and unique insights into the workplace
  • Strengthen your professional communication and leadership skills
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives on issues in your field
  • Motivate someone to pursue a new level of professional success
  • Stay connected to UMGC in a meaningful way

For More Info

To learn more about the UMGC Community Connect Program, log into CareerQuest today.

If you have any questions or need any additional help, please contact us at (800) 888-8682 or