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UMGC Alumni Association UMGC Global Give

In honor of National Volunteer Month in April 2023, your UMGC community of alumni, students and staff around the world participated in the UMGC Global Give an initiative that empowered volunteers to use their skills and education to make an impact in their communities. With hearts full of compassion and sleeves rolled up, UMGC volunteers dedicated more than 5,000 hours of their skills and enthusiasm to make a real difference in their communities and beyond.

Read more about the lasting impact of the UMGC Global Give, and view photos from the Maryland volunteer activity.

A Global Display of UMGC Pride

Volunteers showcased their UMGC pride and the power of education to transform lives, families, communities and the world by participating in the UMGC Global Give. When volunteers registered their activity, they received a free UMGC global t-shirt.

Ways to Volunteer

Thank you to the members of the UMGC community who participated in the UMGC Global Give. You made a lasting impact and showed the world just how strong we are, together.