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Join Us For Homecoming 2023 to "Reach for the Stars"

At UMGC, we reach for the stars. While each “star” may be different - an advanced degree, a promotion, a career change, a better community or world - the act of reaching is what ties our global UMGC community together. Individually, we reach for our “star,” but together we pursue dreams, goals, and opportunities. This fall, your UMGC community around the world will come together for Homecoming 2023 to celebrate achievements – stars that have been reached – and to dream together as we set our sights on our next “stars."

For the first time ever, Homecoming will reach beyond the world we know and venture into the UMGC Metaverse -  an immersive 3D virtual experience where you can join a shared space using an avatar through a computer, tablet, mobile device, or virtual reality headset.  Please join us for Homecoming 2023 as we continue to reach for the stars and beyond…because at UMGC, the sky is never the limit!

Around the World

Register to attend one of this year's Homecoming Celebrations.

And Beyond...

Register to attend one of this year's global Homecoming festivities. 

In lieu of a UMGC Homecoming registration fee, our goal is to raise $5,000 to meet the increasing needs of students through UMGC’s Student Aid for Emergency Relief (SAFER) Fund.

If you are able, please consider a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more to help students around the world facing unexpected temporary financial hardship. UMGC’s SAFER fund is supported entirely by donations from our generous community. Your gift will mitigate the impact of financial emergencies and keep students on the path to graduation. 

Make a donation online today!

Thank you for participating in UMGC Homecoming 2023!