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Alumni Virtual Book Club Events

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  • Author Talk With Sarah Nisha Adams The Reading List is an unforgettable and heartwarming debut about how a chance encounter with a list of library books helps forge an unlikely friendship between two very different people in a London suburb.
  • Author Talk with Morgan Housel The Psychology of Money shows us that doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people.
  • Brendan Nicholaus Slocumb Violin Conspiracy The Violin Conspiracy is a riveting tale about a Black classical musician whose family heirloom violin is stolen on the eve of the most prestigious classical music competition in the world. During this discussion, ask questions and hear directly from Slocumb about the story of Ray McMillian, a musician who loves playing the violin more than anything, and nothing will stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional musician.
  • Geraldine Brooks Horse braids together a discarded painting in a junk pile, a skeleton in an attic, and the greatest racehorse in American history into a sweeping story of spirit, obsession, and injustice.
  • William Alexander Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World takes readers on the surprisingly twisty journey of the beloved tomato in this fascinating and erudite microhistory. The tomato gets no respect. Never has. Lost in the dustbin of history for centuries, accused of being vile and poisonous, subjected to being picked hard-green and gassed, even used as a projectile, the poor tomato has become the avatar for our disaffection with industrial foods — while becoming the most popular vegetable in America (and, in fact, the world)