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What You Need to Know: Homecoming 2023 Spirit Week 

UMGC Alumni Relations
By UMGC Alumni Relations

Homecoming 2023 Spirit Week kicks off Monday, October 16. Join your University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) community and show off your school pride as we show the world how UMGC spans the globe and beyond. This year's theme, "Reach for the Stars," invites you to celebrate your achievements and to keep dreaming as you set your sights on your next goals. 

Keep reading for more information about this exciting week of celebration and connection, and chances to receive a UMGC Stanley tumbler!

Before Spirit Week kicks off, be sure you're following one or all of these UMGC social media channels to participate:

Join the Fun for a Chance to Receive UMGC Swag! 
Participating in Homecoming Spirit Week is not only a chance to connect with the UMGC community but also an opportunity to win some fantastic UMGC swag. When you participate each day using the hashtag #HomecomingUMGC, you could be one of the lucky 23 recipients of a UMGC Stanley tumbler. Entries will be cumulative throughout the week, so the more you participate, the higher your chances of being selected!

Monday, October 16: Metaverse Monday - Dive into the Virtual Universe 
Spirit Week will kick off with "Metaverse Monday” in celebration of Homecoming venturing into the UMGC Metaverse – an immersive 3D virtual experience. This will be your opportunity to explore the UMGC Metaverse and create your own avatar. Register for the Global Virtual Celebration and get ready to share a snapshot of your avatar on social media using the hashtag #HomecomingUMGC.

Tuesday, October 17: Together Tuesday - Share Your Supportive Network 
On "Together Tuesday," we want to see the people who are supporting you as you "Reach for the Stars." Tag a family member or friend who has been there for you on your educational journey and beyond. Share your appreciation and let them know how important their support is to your success.

Wednesday, October 18: Where are you Wednesday - Celebrate Worldwide 
"Where are you Wednesday" is all about showcasing the global reach of UMGC. Tell us where in the world you are celebrating Homecoming 2023 from. Whether you're attending one of the in-person celebrations in the United States or abroad in Germany and Japan, or attending virtually from anywhere in between, this day is all about celebrating the diverse UMGC community that spans the globe.

Thursday, October 19: Throwback Thursday - Reflect on Past Experiences 
"Throwback Thursday" is the perfect opportunity to share your favorite memories from past UMGC experiences. Dig through your photos and share a snapshot that captures a special moment from your journey. Whether it's a graduation photo or a snapshot from a memorable class or study space, reminisce and share your story with your UMGC community.

Friday, October 20: Future Friday - Share Your Aspirations 
As we approach the end of Spirit Week, it's time to look to the future. "Future Friday" is about sharing your next goals and aspirations. Tell us what you're aiming for in your academic or professional journey. It could be a new course, a career milestone, or even a personal achievement. Your dreams are our inspiration!

Building Connections Around the World 
Spirit Week at UMGC is a time to connect with students, alumni, staff, faculty, and friends as we celebrate shared experiences and aspirations. Homecoming 2023 is proof that around the world and in the Metaverse, the UMGC community can “Reach for the Stars” together. 
So, get ready to embark on a journey during Homecoming 2023 Spirit Week as we come together to celebrate achievements, embrace our present, and look forward to a future filled with endless possibilities – because at UMGC, the sky is never the limit!

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