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Tips for Homecoming 2023 in the UMGC Metaverse

The future is now, and it's virtual! The UMGC Metaverse, a digital space where you can explore, network, and learn, is officially ready for Homecoming 2023. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Set Up Your Spatial Account

Create Your Account

Before you can dive into the UMGC Metaverse, you'll need to set up a Spatial account using your email address.

Using the Google Chrome browser, visit and click “Login” in the top right of the webpage to create an account. Please make sure to minimize the number of browser windows you have open to optimize your computer’s internet speed. 

Please note: If you're planning to access the Metaverse through a virtual reality headset or your phone, you'll need to download the Spatial app from your device's respective store.

You will be asked to update your Profile, but hold off on doing so at this point. Simply “save” all the default responses that Spatial gives you, including your auto-generated name. You will have a chance to customize your avatar and profile in the upcoming steps.  

Join the UMGC Metaverse, Customize Your Name and Create Your Avatar

Customize Your Name

Now that your Spatial account is set up, it is time to enter the UMGC Metaverse!

Once you enter the UMGC Metaverse, update your profile by following the steps below:

  1. Click the three dots at the top right to see a drop-down menu. Then click your circle icon at the bottom to return to your profile page and click “Edit.”
  2. Edit your name in the first box as you would like it displayed. Add your LinkedIn profile handle @Name so others can network with you! 

Creating Your Avatar

Now, here’s the fun part: creating your avatar. Pick out your networking or party clothes and customize how you want to present yourself in the UMGC Metaverse. 

  1. From the UMGC Metaverse space, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. 

  2. On the drop-down menu, select “Edit Avatar” at the bottom.    

  3. Choose one of the default avatars from the Avatar panel or create a customized Ready Player Me avatar (Free account creation is required). You can also click “Use Realistic Head” to upload your own selfie photo.   

Navigate the UMGC Metaverse

You're now officially a part of the UMGC Metaverse and ready to explore and connect with others! Here are some tips to help you get around:

  • Click the screen and drag your mouse to move your camera. 

  • Left click on a location and your avatar will move there. 

  • Up and down arrows move your avatar, left and right arrows move your camera.

  • Use your space bar to jump, or tap twice to double jump.

  • Click on a round Portal (pictured to the right) to teleport to a Networking Lounge, the UMGC Arts Exhibit, or Celebration Zone.

More Fun Features

To interact with other members of the UMGC Metaverse, click on the three dots at the top right of your screen to open the drop-down menu with options to:

  • Unmute your microphone and talk with others. Make sure you select “Allow” for spatial to access your microphone. 

  • Click on the dance image icon or hit the “T” key to access animated or emoji features. 

  • Use the chat feature on the bottom right of your screen.

Access Resources to Learn More

If you need additional support getting set up with Spatial, visit to help you make the most of Homecoming 2023. Topics include information and support on:

  • Getting started – pairing your device 

  • Creating your avatar 

  • Navigating spaces through portals  

  • Unlocking dance moves 

  • Technical support

  • ...and more! 

Access additional resources and best practices, by watching the Metaverse Quick Tips video.

The UMGC Metaverse is an exciting new way to experience Homecoming, and it all starts with these quick steps. So, get ready to expand your network, participate in the virtual festivities, and enjoy Homecoming 2023 – all within the UMGC Metaverse!

Participation in the virtual reality experience at UMGC’s Homecoming events and agreement to these terms is completely voluntary.  Your decision to participate in UMGC Homecoming activities and use any associated virtual reality equipment (including headsets) is your decision.


  • You understand and agree that there may be inherent risks in utilizing certain virtual reality equipment that would not otherwise be present in a non-virtual reality environment.  You agree that you appreciate and voluntarily assume those risks and represent that you have the required skills, qualifications, and ability necessary to properly and safely utilize the virtual reality equipment.
  • You release UMGC, the University System of Maryland, and the State of Maryland, from any claims, liability, or demands that may arise out of your use of virtual reality equipment or participation in virtual reality experiences at UMGC.
  • You acknowledge and understand that all applicable UMGC policies apply to your participation in this activity.