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UMGC Alumni Association Homecoming 2022: A Global Celebration Demonstrating UMGC Proud

While UMGC Homecoming is always something to celebrate, this year’s event was just a little more special because of a major milestone.

This year marked 75 years of student, alumni, faculty and staff accomplishments in Maryland and around the world. 

More than 750 UMGC students and alumni came together in October for Homecoming 2022: UMGC PROUD. In-person celebrations were held in Maryland, Germany and Japan, while the global UMGC community were invited to participate virtually. This inspiring community demonstrates the ability to balance job, family and sometimes military responsibilities while earning their UMGC degree or certificate.  

A Global Celebration 

As Homecoming began in Maryland on Oct. 6 at the Adelphi Marriott, Master of Ceremonies Brandi Bridgett ’09 reflected on just how special this year’s Homecoming was. This year’s live Maryland program was streamed allowing the greater UMGC global community to listen and participate in the chat conversation.  

“Always remember, as a member of the UMGC community, you are part of something truly extraordinary. Your sacrifice and dedication have driven you to this moment in your lives and represents where you stand, both personally and professionally,” she said at the event. “Together we are truly ‘UMGC Proud!’” 

Additionally, UMGC President Gregory W. Fowler, PhD also addressed the UMGC community.

“The public mission that has guided UMGC for 75 years remains just as relevant today as it was when our institution was founded in 1947,” said President Fowler. "As a member of our UMGC family, you are working professionals, parents, first responders, community leaders, military servicemembers, and more. You represent our greatest achievement and you give our work meaning and purpose. As we work to meet students where they are with the learning experiences they need to succeed, your feedback and your individual journeys serve to guide and inspire us."

Gregory W. Fowler, PhD, became the seventh president of UMGC on January 4, 2021. A nationally recognized scholar and leader in developing innovative learning models and experiences for adult and nontraditional populations he has served on the leadership teams that built what are now the two largest universities in America - both of which serve nontraditional students in nontraditional ways.  

Master of Ceremonies, Brandi Bridgett ’09 is a mom of three, a young widow, and a serial entrepreneur. In 2017, she launched her third business - The Agency at National Harbor - to help the community understand the new-age difficulties we face in family finance, retirement, debt elimination, business finance and securing a legacy for future generations. She has been recognized as one of the top 40 under 40 in Maryland along with growing one of the largest financial firms inside her brokerage with over 500 individuals nationwide. Brandi is looking to create a national impact on the financial literacy of this nation for decades to come.    

After the Maryland celebration, UMGC alumni from around the globe celebrated at events in Tokyo, Japan, and Kaiserslautern, Germany the evening of October 21st in their respective time zones

President Joe Biden sent a letter of congratulations to UMGC in honor of the 75th anniversary.

The President wrote, "Education is the one field that makes all others possible." The letter went on to add, "Institutions like yours not only educate our students - they shape our future."

Participants enjoyed a fun-filled evening of inspiring speeches and engaging activities, including: 

  • Swag Give-Away Happy Hour  
  • Remarks from UMGC President Gregory Fowler, and Master of Ceremonies Brandi Bridgett '09       
  • Networking opportunities in a swanky lounge area featuring food, drinks and a live DJ 
  • UMGC PROUD Selfie Experience in a series of larger-than-life booths to snap photos and share school spirit.   
  • Opportunities to learn about exclusive career resources, benefits and so much more!      

Additionally, in lieu of a ticket cost, the Maryland celebration included a $15 per person donation benefitting the UMGC Student Aid for Emergency Relief Fund (SAFER). SAFER provides direct aid to UMGC students worldwide experiencing financial hardship related to an unforeseen emergency. 

Throughout Homecoming nearly $7,000 was raised for SAFER and student scholarships in honor of UMGC's 75th anniversary. 

Stay connected 

Did you miss the celebration, or would you just like to relive that special evening? Watch the Maryland and Global Homecoming programs online today. 

Check out photos from all the UMGC 2022 Homecoming in-person celebrations below. 

Homecoming Celebration Photos

View photos from this year's Homecoming Celebrations.

Thank You!

Thank you to all who made this Homecoming season truly special. Remember to show the world each and every day why you are UMGC Proud!

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