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UMGC Alumni AssociationAuthor Talk With William Alexander

Join us on February 28, for a virtual Q&A discussion with William Alexander, author of Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World, in the UMGC Alumni Virtual Book Club. 

Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World  takes readers on the surprisingly twisty journey of the beloved tomato in this fascinating and erudite microhistory.

The tomato gets no respect. Never has. Lost in the dustbin of history for centuries, accused of being vile and poisonous, subjected to being picked hard-green and gassed, even used as a projectile, the poor tomato has become the avatar for our disaffection with industrial foods — while becoming the most popular vegetable in America (and, in fact, the world). Each summer, tomato festivals crop up across the country; the Heinz ketchup bottle, instantly recognizable, has earned a spot in the Smithsonian; and now the tomato is redefining the very nature of farming, moving from fields into climate-controlled mega-greenhouses the size of New England villages.


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UMGC Alumni Relations,

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Date: 2/28/2023
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Online